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Game: Minecraft
Status: online
Added: 1 year ago
Checked: 5 days ago

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Minecraft server was checked 5 days ago, server had 0 / 24 players online, server was using 1.18.1, running on protocol 757.
A Minecraft Server
Minecraft server was checked 7 months ago, server had 0 / 50 players online, server was using Paper 1.17.1, running on protocol 756.
MCisle            |1.17 Survival, Events, Dragon Egg!|
Isle be here for you.
Players sample:
Find the dragon egg!

Minecraft server was checked 1 year ago, server had 1 / 48 players online, server was using Paper 1.16.4, running on protocol 754.
Survival with fun Plugins!
Players sample: